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Click photo for an enlarged
view of the antenna layout
It all happens here.
Look up tower
What it looks like up the tower!
G8PPL clinming tower
G8PLL admiring the view from the tower in 1997.

Mark and Paul fixing the tower in 2008.

fn cavity pictures
GB3FN (right), cavity filters, and control box
fmfltsml.jpg (10172 bytes)
On the left, GB3FM, then the frequency
standards,then the 70cm filters.
Below, the duplexer that has been used for
GB3FM: now only the RX section is used.
The home made cavity is also on 23cm in
the GB3FM transmit leg.

The inside of GB3FX with all screening covers in place.
RX, TX and preamp on left, PSU, logic and control box
interface on right.
fxfltsml.jpg (7243 bytes)
GB3FX, with original Heliax filters and control box (with mould!)
fxfltrsm.jpg (6842 bytes)
The new helical filter duplex on GB3FX, donated by G4XRV
slugsml.jpg (4656 bytes)
The guardians of the site...
bgslgsml.jpg (5876 bytes)
...with their king sized leader...
floorsml.jpg (5056 bytes)
...  who are encouraged by a floor that's
not the driest in the world....
pumpsml.jpg (8116 bytes)
...even with an automatic pump that does its best to get rid of the water...

moatsm.jpg (6582 bytes)
...which comes in because we are surrounded
by our own, personal moat!
beaconpic.jpg (38kB)
The beacons being installed.  5.7GHz is
on the right, 47GHz on the left.

viewne.jpg (37kB)
The view from the tower towards the North East.
site19.jpg (76kB)
The site in 2019.  At least the trees that touched it
at one time have been cut back.
 old.jpg (22kB)
And what the site looked like in 1982 when the original
antenna was installed.  Look - no trees!  Photo: G8KSM.

sntwrsml.jpg (7456 bytes)    Four Marks Pictures

snstsml.jpg (9744 bytes)
The site equipment: repeater and filters
Transmit antenna
The new (2015) Tx antenna.
snonsml.jpg (10904 bytes)

The repeater with its covers on......

snoffsml.jpg (17412 bytes)

...and exposed with them off.

RX(top) and TX on the left, and tone stuff, logic unit and control box interface on right
Twin antennas
The twin antennas, 4.5dBd on left and 6dBd on right

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